Ashley Rodholm

Google Earth VR


Google Earth VR

A Series of VR Experiences

For the launch of the new Google Earth VR app, Ashley and Even/Odd collaborated with the Google’s VR and Earth Team to create the first run experience and a series of tours. Ashley was embedded with the Google VR Team for several months as they created a custom tool – the tour builder – for Unity to harness the power of Google Earth’s data and create the experiences.

The entire Google Earth data set became the raw material for the tours – the team selected compelling locals, chose precisely where to place the viewer in the landscape, and manipulated scale so that viewers could experience the different scenes at human or Godzilla size. All the tours have custom ambisonic musical scores and dynamic sound design so that the soundscape changes as the viewers move about the locations. With different themes like Deserts, Water, Cities, Colors and Landmarks, the 6 tours provide a glimpse into the staggering breadth of environments one is able to explore within Google Earth VR.


Creative Director: Tarik Abdel-Gawad
Producer: Todd Shaiman
Technical Lead: Brendan Duncan

Creative Editor: Ashley Rodholm
Producer: Malcolm Pullinger
Music & Sound Design: Antfood