Ashley Rodholm

The Atlantic x Porsche


Why We Drive – Florence Walker

The Atlantic x Porsche – Short Interview Series

There is so much more to driving than simply getting from A to B. For renowned high-performance automaker Porsche, the experience of driving is essential. 
Created and released in partnership with The Atlantic Re:think for the launch of Porsche’s 2017 models, three enthusiasts discuss what it feels like to drive one of these iconic machines. Their visceral experiences range from the first time driving a Porsche, to peaceful weekend drives into nature, to the thrill of racing. 
Award winning virtual reality artist Wesley Allsbrook used these immersive stories as inspiration for VR illustrations using Google Tilt Brush. Each drawing evolves of the course of each story culminating in the final shot of the subject surrounded by the work in a VR technique called mixed reality. The VR illustrations can also be viewed online in the 3D via Sketchfab.

Learn more about the project at The Atlantic Re:think - Why We Drive



An Even/Odd Production
Director: Ashley Rodholm
Executive Producers: Malcolm Pullinger & Mohammad Gorjestani
Line Producer: Kimi Milo
Director of Photography: Joe Picard
Virtual Reality Art: Wesley Allsbrook
Editor: Jocelyne Chaput & Ashley Rodholm
Music, Sound Design & Mix: Wesley Slover


Why We Drive – Michael Ardelean


Why We Drive – Mo Ali