Ashley Rodholm

Google Tilt Brush - AiR



Tilt Brush Artist in Residence


Google – Short Documentary

The New Yorker cartoonists, Scott McCloud, and Sougwen Chung are just a few of the over 60 artists that have recently participated in Google’s new Artist-in-Residency with its virtual reality drawing tool Tilt Brush. In this short documentary, several of the artists recount their experience drawing in VR, collaborating with the Google Team, and exploring the potential of this new artistic medium.



An Even/Odd Production
Director: Ashley Rodholm
Executive Producers: Malcolm Pullinger & Mo Gorjestani
Line Producer: Taylor Feltner
Director of Photography: James Laxton
2nd Unit Director: Clayton Worfolk
2nd Unit Director of Photography: Noe Chavez
Editor: Ashley Rodholm
Assistant Editor: Natalie Rold
Colorist: Robert Arnold
Original Music, Sound Design & Mix: Wesley Slover