Ashley Rodholm

Ballet Meets Robotics


Ballet Meets Robotics

Short Documentary

Ballet Meets Robotics is a short documentary that offers a behind-the-scenes look at how cutting edge technology was employed in the short dance film, Francesca Da Rimini. Directed by Tarik Abdel-Gawad the short film stars principal dancers from SF Ballet Maria Kochetkova and Joan Boada. The ballet Francesca Da Rimini was choreographed by Yuri Possokhov and is based on a story from Dante’s Inferno and set to Tchaikovsky's composition of the same name.

The project as a whole was an experiment to synchronize a robotically controlled camera with the dancer’s every step. The camera moves were designed to fluidly coordinate with the choreography and orbit around the dancers to present an intimate and unique view on the performance. Using a combination of motion capture, 3D animation, and industrial robotics, Francesca Da Rimini demonstrates how the synthesis of art and technology can bring a new perspective to a classic art form.



Director: Ashley Rodholm
Cinematography by: Joe Picard, Sam Conkling,
          Pedro Figueira and Ashley Rodholm



Creators Project
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Cafe Neu Romance (Prague) 2014
Imagine Science Film Festival 2014
Raw Science Film Festival 2014
SF Dance Film Festival 2014