Ashley Rodholm

3020 Laguna St. In Exitum


3020 Laguna St. In Exitum


Short experimental Documentary

3020 Laguna stood for 150 years. Prior to its destruction, Highlight Gallery transformed the house into a public installation. Nine artists were invited to create a work using only existing materials within the home. The exhibition was called 3020 Laguna Street In Exitum. Both a document and a memory, the film is a subjective artistic impression of the exhibit as well as a record of the art and the once home. 



Directors: Ashley Rodholm & Joe Picard
Executive Producers: Joe Picard,
      Ashley Rodholm, Patricia Bergman
Associate Producer: Ansgar Rodholm
Line Producer: Casey O'Reiley
Director of Photography: Joe Picard
1st Assistant Camera: Mike Lindemuth
Key Grip: Joe Heath
Sound Recordists: Sam Bennett & Pedro Figueira
Editor: Ashey Rodholm
Color Grading: Carey Burens
Title Design: Jarratt Moody
Score, Sound Design & Mix: Harald Boyesen
Installation Presented by: Highlight Gallery
Curated by: Amir Mortazavi & David Kasprzak
Installation Artists: Jeremiah Barber, Randy
      Colosky, Chris Fraser, Christine M. Peterson,
      Yulia Pinkusevich, Jonathan Runcio
      Jesse Schlesinger, Gareth Spor, Andy Vogt
Actors: Beth Naumann, Athena O’Neil, Devlin O’Neil,
         Mark Shapiro


San Francisco Int. l Film Festival - 2013 (Premiere)
Aesthetica Short Film Festival - 2013
Palm Springs Short Fest - 2013
Mill Valley Film Festival - 2013
SF Shorts Fest - 2013


Golden Gate Award, SF International Film Festival
           Bay Area Short, First Prize